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Similarly, numerous low-expectant mothers inside a good FGD stated another, in reaction in order to whether or not partners might use condoms while pregnant

Similarly, numerous low-expectant mothers inside a good FGD stated another, in reaction in order to whether or not partners might use condoms while pregnant

New member eight: You have to fool around with a condom and even with your companion you have to make use of it to stop of many ailments to the path that are offered since males lack a banner [insinuating cheating].

Whenever really individuals talked about not using good condom while pregnant, nevertheless they commonly delivered new concern with trust anywhere between couples, thinking or feel away from cheating-because there is you should not use condoms to avoid maternity-and you will preserving the relationship. Such, one-man noted, “I prefer they [condom] to possess precaution. But with my wife I really don’t make use of it [condom].” At exactly the same time, when expected from the facilitator concerning feasibility of using good condom in pregnancy, numerous males for the a good FGD said,

Like earlier in the day knowledge, folks in the current data acknowledged the web link anywhere between Zika and you will mosquitoes, although not necessarily the potential for intimate alert out-of Zika [seven,8,14]

Fellow member eight: It is hard while the just after the woman is already expecting from the someone how is that kid planning explore good condom pursuing the lady are expecting by you…

Fellow member dos: One would depend. If, particularly, the lady has already been pregnant and you will, once she got pregnant, you come and also have unwell out-of Zika, now you must to use a condom to stop taking this lady ill.

Fellow member 5: Sure, We trust your. However, to preserve the wedding, it is advisable not to utilize it. As to why? Because you are probably wade given that your spouse is actually expecting, therefore give their, “we are going to utilize this condom” she is going to reveal, “That have your become that have? In which have been your?” And you can the woman is not probably desire anything to would with you… Thus that is what I am talking about that it’s quite difficult.

The will to protect a person’s companion, at exactly the same time, are either linked to unfaithfulness. In sugar dad com uk one FGD, men supported the new impression that using condoms try associated with the unfaithfulness of the detailing it is prominent for men are unfaithful and you can condoms should be accustomed prevent the sexual signal away from disorder and attacks to their lover or priple, in another FGD, a couple of boys mentioned,

Participant 5: They [condoms] works given that either you are on this new roads and you also perform in different ways than simply you do at home, you realize myself, and you will any bacteria otherwise one thing will likely be avoided.

Participant cuatro: Yes, it’s instance he states as the we’re really guys therefore go out on the street. We could make some mistakes therefore normally get into one thing, what type doesn’t want during that time and you can fall. Whenever we come to the house, instance, into the woman, and you have to believe.

Abstinence in pregnancy was also usually connected with issues out-of unfaithfulness. Like, one non-young pregnant woman listed, “You can not [practice abstinence] …when a female try jealous they feel ‘you really have another woman’. If for example the girl gets this way, the guy can never discover. Men never ever just remember that , part.” Various other new member conformed, after the the girl address by the claiming, “When someone states one to, which they don’t need to enjoys intimate affairs, the guy try brutal. The man will say to you ‘no, you are cheat into me. I will select several other [woman] in the street.’”


Our very own study exposed crucial area perspectives about Zika prevention. Someone as well as similarly troubled the worth of which have an excellent brush domestic in addition to requirement for tidy up liquid storage bins to help you end Zika. Meanwhile, folk have a tendency to spoke in more general terms and conditions and you may performed perhaps not define proper Zika-specific methods for elimination of mosquito habitats. As the emphasized a lot more than, the modern analysis along with uncovered extremely important gender considerations off Zika prevention behavior among everyone from the Dominican Republic.

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